Senior Games is at the Lake:

After school will be at the boys school.


Chester Long Distance Sculls: 24/9/17

The event runs over two divisions, the first (singles) begins at 10:30am and the second division (crew boats) will begin at an adjusted time of 2:45pm.

Division 1:

Ryan Carney, Nia Almond, Ellen Murgatroyd, Sophie Gillbanks, Will Tait & Sam Roughley.

Division 2:

IM3 2x: Carney

IM3 4x-: (Harry/Teddy/Alex/Julian/Vandam/Cameron) (J15 4x+ if possible)

J15 2x: Sam + Will

WJ15 2x: Lucy + Mollie

WJ15 4x+: Bethea, Ciara, Zoya, Holly, Emily B.

WJ14 4x+: Reila, Elizabeth, Grace, Emily, Meg

WJ14 4x+: Jemima, Poppy, Thea, Harriet,

WIM3 2x/4x-: Ceci, Lottie, Maddie, Sophie, Ellen, Anna, Laura, Bryony (Meeting at training today)

There may be changes to crews where necessary or needed. Please speak with/email me if there are any problems.

Kind regards,

Mr Carew





Training This Week:

Mixture of land, water a trailering sessions!

Tuesday: Year 10+: Marine Lake:4-7pm

Wednesday: Year 11+: Boys School: 4:16-6:15pm.

Thursday: Year 8 Girls Selection Session: Boys School: 4:15-6:16pm.

Friday: Year 9-11: Marine Lake: 4-7pm (Seniors using alternate transportation also welcome)


8:30-10:30: Senior Session

10:30-12:30: Junior Session & Trailer Loading

Sunday: Race Squad: Chester Long Distance Sculls: Boys School: 7am meeting at the Boys School.


Mr Carew


Ergo screenshots

Those who cannot attend training sessions, please send your ergo results screenshots to

If you have done a run instead, send a screenshot of the app result with time and distance run.




Training times tomorrow

9.00 – 10.00am        Yrs 10 and upwards

10.00 – 11.00am       Yrs 9 and below

Please arrive before your allotted time as we will start the session then.

See you in the morning



Saturday training

Please keep an eye on the website for training times for Sat morning as they are subject to change (I’ll finalise them tomorrow at 7pm)

Mr. Carew will send out a Firefly request so please respond to it before 6pm tomorrow so that I know who is coming (although I do expect everyone to be there).

All those who cannot make it to the session please fit the relevant ergo in:

yr 10s and above: 2 x 20 mins r20

yr 9s and below: 2 x 15 mins r 20

Take photo of results on screen and show myself or Mr. Carew next week (I will be asking). If no access to ergo – run for the same amount of time and log it on a running app e.g. Map My Run, Strava.



Training This Week:

Quite a bad week of weather coming our way, all sessions this week will be land based at the boys school.

Monday: 4-6: Senior Weight Training

Tuesday: 4-6: Year 9+

Wednesday: 4-6: Year 10+

Thursday: 4-6: Year 8

Friday: 3:45-5:45: Senior Ergometer & Fitness


8:30-10:30: Senior Ergo & Weights

10:30-12:00: Junior Ergo & Circuits


Mr Carew


Training This Week:

Back to the normal wet and windy weather!

Wednesday: Race Squad: Trailer Unloading & Fitness 4pm-7pm

Thursday: Evening Off

Friday: Full Club Circuit Session 4pm-6pm

Saturday: Land Based Training at MTBS

8:30am-10:00am: Seniors (Year 10+) & Intermediates (Year 9)

10:00am-11:30am: Seniors & Juniors (Year 8+)


Mr Carew


North of England Sprint Rowing Championships: 2/9/17

We are involved in the first race of the day! Boating at 8:00am!

With this early start we will need to be LEAVING MTBS no later than 5:30am.

Please arrive at school for 5:15am ready to pay £10 per head and with all of your race kit with you.

There are very limited boating options at Hollingworth Lake, you are very likely to have to paddle into the water until it is deep enough for the boat to float without hitting the bottom! Wellies and other wet conditions footwear will be fine or you can brave it and paddle in barefoot.

See you tomorrow morning.

Kind regards,

Mr Carew